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Micropol 2022

Slideshow of the 12th Micropol and Ecohazard Conference held in Santiago de Compostela in June 2022.

Talk given by Maite Moreira in a Forum focused on Goal 12 SDG

Maite Moreira participated in the 'Foro Conversa' of Radio Galicia Cadena SER, focused, on this occasion, on Goal 12 SDG (Responsible consumption and production). Her talk deals with the environmental footprint of galician companies. (18-11-2021)

Fish, Atlantic Diet and Sustainability

Prof. Gumersindo Feijoo participated as speaker at the I Forum for the Promotion of Fish Consumption, Healthy and Sustainable Eating in the Atlantic Diet (13-14/09/2021). In his presentation he has highlighted the low environmental impact of the Atlantic Diet.

Watch his presentation on youtube from 1:36:00 https://youtu.be/iVDKVYhNIXE

From wastes to biomaterials: towards circular economy

With this video, the researcher Alba Roibás wins the third prize of the V Research Pitches Contest of the Compostela Group of Universities(CGU). Her research work is based on the development of a technology for the bioplastics production.

Workshop given by Miguel Maurcio

Miguel Mauricio presents the results and modelling tasks in the production of volatile fatty acids from fish-canning wastewater. The workshop was organised in the framework of Conserval Project on the occasion of the World Water Day #DiaMundialdelAgua

Efecto da recirculación nun reactor_Mass Balances for Chemical Engineers (Book)

This video illustrates the resolution of example 4.2 in the book "Mass Balances for Chemical Engineers", edited by Gumersindo Feijoo, Juan M. Lema and Maite Moreira, published by De Gruyter..

Silvana Quiton, Marie Skłodowska-Curie researcher

Introduction to early stage researcher, Silvana Quiton, and her research within NOWELTIES, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie ITN focused on removing antibiotics with biological wastewater treatment.

Brief presentation of the research work of Antonio Cortés

Antonio focuses his research in to assess, from an environmental point of view, what are the challenges and priorities for the integration of the circular economy principles in the agriculture and fisheries sectors.

The role of the Biogroup in Conserval Project

Marta Carballa and Miguel Mauricio present the role of the group in the CONSERVAL project, an Interreg POCTEP Project focused on the recovery of by-products from the fish canning industry.